Employee spotlight: Erin Agobert and Mitch Hines

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We asked two employees, Erin Agobert and Mitch Hines, about what it’s like to work at Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS). Erin joined CGS earlier this year. She is a Salesforce developer and a veteran, and she resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Mitch is a Functional Data Analyst with a strong focus on Agile practices and functional testing. Mitch has been with CGS for almost four years and has worked in a variety of roles. He resides in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C.

Erin AgobertErin Agobert

Why did you choose to join Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS)?

I transferred from Capgemini North America, the commercial side, to Capgemini Government Solutions. The first reason was that the people here felt comfortable to be around. On my first phone call, they were really friendly and at ease. I learned about the different types of projects I could work on and it felt like the right move. Second, I have a background in the public sector, so I already had an understanding of how government works. I was a Contract Specialist and Grants Administrator for over 10 years with the federal government, before becoming a developer. I felt by joining CGS that my skillset would mesh well, and I would feel like I’m helping my community. It’s good to feel you’re involved in something special.

What are your favorite perks that Capgemini offers?

I like the Perks-at-Work program, which offers discounts on all sorts of things. They even offered free wellness classes during the pandemic. I also enjoy the new Employee Resource Group events. For example, I recently joined the paint-n-sip night. The organizers sent the supplies to everyone and we did it virtually. It was a blast and a great opportunity to meet more of my co-workers.

Mitch HinesMitch Hines

Why did you choose to join CGS?

I chose to work for Capgemini Government Solutions for a few reasons. I discovered CGS at James Madison University’s 2016 Fall Career Fair and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations I had with the recruitment team. They were personable, communicative, and showed interest in me and what I had to offer to the company. I was also drawn to the idea of having multiple opportunities to work on different projects in the federal space, along with hearing that CGS leadership is active with placing employees where their interests take them. All of these reasons were topped with a slogan of “People Matter, Results Count,” which spoke to me as a new hire about to graduate from college. I felt secure in knowing that leadership at CGS would work hard to help me grow my career.

What experiences have you benefited most from during your time with CGS?

The list of experiences at CGS that have benefited me is endless. CGS provides its employees with many opportunities to be involved with business development while continuing to provide clients with outstanding solutions. There are also many opportunities to get involved with your colleagues and the community through different events planned by Employee Resource Groups and committees. Although, if I had to choose one experience that has benefited me the most, I would say it is having the chance to become a “buddy” or mentor for newly college-hired individuals. This has provided me with a chance to share my thoughts and knowledge with colleagues whose shoes I was in just a few years ago.

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