Creating a Safer COVID-Era Workplace with Technology

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Post pandemic, manufacturing leaders need to accelerate their digital roadmaps to prevent failures, defects, and safety critical events.

Manufacturing leaders have always prioritized workplace safety. It is part of the culture, mindset, and even a driver of the industry’s technological innovations. Recent Capgemini research shows that 59% of manufacturing organizations scaling AI say they have done so specifically to prevent failures, defects, and safety critical events.

But now, it’s a new threat created by the pandemic that has heightened awareness in factories around the world. This threat can’t be stopped by a neon vest or a hard hat – but the same diligence and focus can keep it at bay. Manufacturing leaders have two crucial tasks: they must develop ways to protect employees from spreading the virus, but they must do so without slowing down production – especially production of essential items like medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

To achieve this, manufacturing leaders need to accelerate their digital roadmaps. Connecting the operational technology within the factory to its IT infrastructure can ensure worker safety while also keeping factories running in a way that reduces exposure and risk. Here are three strategies for manufacturing leaders to digitize their tools and technologies in ways that will improve processes and help keep their workers safe.

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Eileen Sweeney is Executive Vice President and Director for Manufacturing, Automotive and Life Sciences (MALS) in North America. She oversees the growth strategy for the North American market unit with a focus on nurturing and strengthening its ties to a roster of blue-chip clients that are accelerating their digital transformation and driving innovation amid fast-paced technological change and industry disruption.

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