UIsmart for User Interfaces

Decrease your processing time by up to 95% while increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction: UIsmart creates user-friendly application interfaces that bring all necessary functionalities onto a single screen.

Poor user experience limits performance

The days of complicated business IT systems are over. In the age of the smartphone, business users and your customers want applications that are intuitive and easy to work with. But typical business applications are process-driven rather than user-centric, and often involve multiple screens for one task.

Companies need user-friendly interfaces that enable employees, partners and customers to use IT systems easily, without training or persuasion.


Boost Productivity and Satisfaction

UIsmart is a service which leverages Capgemini developed templates and SAP UI5 technology. It creates user-friendly application interfaces that centralize all necessary functionalities onto a single screen. This drastically reduces the time and effort needed to accomplish any task. 
  • Increased employee satisfaction and productivity 
  • Improved customer experience 
  • Reduced processing time by up to 95%
  • Rapid implementation within weeks thanks to templates and reusable components
  • Greater ease of use, offering possibilities to extend applications to customers and partners so they can handle issues and requests themselves

An Agile Approach to Improving Processes

We take an agile approach to create a responsive user interface (UI) that fits user needs. Our offshore UI factory brings together over 100 UI designers and SAP specialists to deliver custom solutions for our clients.

For a major utility company in the UK, we implemented a user-centric interface that delivered the following task improvements:
  • Reduced number of clicks from 37 to 8
  • Reduced number of screens from 17 to 1
  • Reduced average processing time from 12 minutes to 25 seconds

Contact Gary James or Paul Tomlinson to learn how UIsmart can help you increase customer and employee satisfaction.

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