Process on the Fly

The most advanced business process management (BPM) tools can help you make your digital enterprise truly adaptive to customer situations. Discover how you could use them with the Process on the Fly approach.

TechnoVision 2014: Process on the Fly

Respond to Business-Critical Events as They Occur

Today, a new wave of service-oriented solutions enables business analysts to simulate, describe, execute and manage business processes quickly and effectively. As a result, companies are gaining the unprecedented ability to improve processes “on the fly,” at the moment critical events occur. By adopting this approach, you can quickly react to customer situations, thereby strengthening your customer relationships over the long term.

Renew Your Focus on the Process Dimension

The latest BPM technology suites enable processes to be managed in near real time, in close proximity to your actual business, and in language you can understand. Our Process on the Fly approach includes:
  • Shades of Process: discover multiple ranges of agility, from classic, workflow-style integration to dynamic, policy-based choreography
  • Process is the New App: leave behind custom coding to define and create powerful, differentiating BPM tools on the fly
  • No Process: replace inflexible processes with simultaneously executed activities that can easily react to cases and results that need to be produced
  • String of Silos: gain agility and insight through a flexible, BPM-based layer that is added in addition to packaged solutions or homegrown applications
  • Co-Process: streamline processes to monitor their progress and performance in real time through social networks
To learn how the latest BPM tools give you real-time visibility to improve processes on the fly, contact our experts.
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