Digital Shopper Relevancy 2012

Today, shoppers’ habits are changing and they expect a seamless integration across online, social media, mobile and physical stores. Learn the key factors needed to create an all-channel experience for your customers.

Digital Shopper Relevancy: Profiting from Your Customers’ All-Channel Experience

In a new report, titled “Digital Shopper Relevancy,” Capgemini surveyed 16,000 digital shoppers across 16 developing and mature markets. 60% of respondents expect the convergence of retail channels to be the norm by 2014. Yet more than half of shoppers said that most retailers currently are not consistent in the way they present themselves across channels. This presents businesses with the opportunity to get ahead of the game and improve customer engagement by reconsidering their strategy.

Key findings:

  • The retail landscape as we know it is set to change. More than half of respondents from both developing and mature markets expect that by 2020 physical stores in some categories will simply become showrooms to select and order products.
  • Significant differences exist between mature and developing markets. 72% of respondents from India and 69% from China purchase more products in a single transaction online than in a physical store, compared with just 31% from the US.
  • The Internet remains the dominant digital shopping channel. 80% of respondents in developing markets and 63% in mature markets state the Internet was important or very important. However, retailers should develop other shopping channels as social media, mobile apps and in-store kiosks are growing in popularity.
  • Digital-savvy shoppers will spend more. 56% percent of respondents are likely to spend more money at a physical store if they had used digital channels to research the product prior to purchase.
  • There are 6 distinct shopper segments: Retailers should cater to the needs of Techno-Shy Shoppers, Occasional Online Shoppers, Value Seekers, Rational Online Shoppers, Digital Shopaholics and Social Digital Shoppers.
  • Deliver personalized experiences but respect personal privacy. 61% of respondents said they want online stores to remember their personal shopper history to speed up shopping; however, only 41% would want to be identified through smartphones when entering a physical store.

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