Design for Digital

Companies must go beyond the question of which transformative technologies to apply. To achieve true digital transformation, purpose-driven design is the path to success. We use our Design for Digital approach to lead the way.

TechnoVision 2014: Design for Digital

Cloud is Here to Stay

Today’s applications cannot be designed independently;: they must be developed and operated in an evolving environment that is open, service-oriented, cloud-based and social. Our TechnoVision 2014 building blocks rely on seven design principles that we believe an enterprise must respect to achieve true digital transformation.

Your Journey is a Matter of Design

When designing new solutions and applications, companies should apply seven contemporary design principles from the outset:
  • Born in the Cloud: build solutions directly on the Cloud while considering pragmatic issues such as integration and security
  • Build Social: embed social into processes and applications for more flexible, connected and user-centered solutions
  • SMAC It Up: combine and amplify Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud elements together to deliver maximum impact
  • Business, Mon Amour: create synergies between digital capabilities and business change to meet both IT and business challenges
  • No Requirements: streamline deployment of digital transformation initiatives through a catalog of flexible enterprise services
  • From Train to Scooter: turn your application landscape into flexible scooters and cars that shorten time-to-market deadlines
  • Think Design: employ a radical outside-in perspective to create compelling experiences and drive loyalty across all channels
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