Testing & Quality Assurance for Telecoms

Discover a testing approach uniquely designed for telecommunications organizations.

Our Testing and Quality Assurance for Telecoms solution achieves results through enhanced output quality, optimized labor costs, process efficiency, and industrialization.

To attract and retain customers, telecommunications operators increasingly need to deliver new products and services that are both innovative and reliable, including mobile applications. Telecom companies have to move at lightning fast speed to keep up with the demands of the marketplace - yet testing can hold up a big program rollout by months.

Your Telecom Testing Specialists

Testing for Telcos requires a discrete approach that answers specific needs – rapid scalability to meet sudden demands, automation to drive cost down, and innovation to drive quality and performance up. As a result of being able to respond to those challenges, we are delivering some of the most ambitious, benefits-driven Managed Test Services in the Telecoms marketplace. Our Testing and Quality Assurance Services for Telecoms portfolio offers end-to-end testing solutions for:  
  • Core systems such as operations, business support and test frameworks 
  • Mobile applications and devices 
  • High-tech network and embedded systems

Managed Testing Services delivers significant benefits to the business including:
  • Significantly reduced total cost of testing: balanced sourcing can yield up to 30% savings
  • Measurable quality improvements: proven prevention of at least 98% of high-severity defects and improved time to market of at least 15%
  • Skills transfer: embedding capabilities into your organization and ensuring quality across multiple supplier environments


A Proven Approach to Quality and Testing

Our 8,000 dedicated telecom experts and 1,600 specialist telecom testers out of 17,200 professional testers support clients in our Centers of Excellence worldwide. Our Rightshore® Delivery Model ensures a perfect blend of onshore management and offshore delivery. Our proven approach has delivered results for telecoms worldwide, including:

We have the track record, the Telco-specific tooling and templates, the appetite and the resources to transform your Testing. Let’s start that conversation.

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