Test Environment Management

To conduct successful tests, you need a test environment that fits your organization’s unique purposes. Our end-to-end Test Environment Management (TEM) service improves release speed by up to 25% and reduces infrastructure costs by up to 10%.

Tackling the Challenge of Replication and Demand

The 2013 World Quality Report showed that 40% of today's testing budgets are allocated to test infrastructure and hardware. Despite that investment, many organizations struggle to maintain test environments that closely replicate live production systems. Growing complexity in systems architecture and increasing demands on test environments only add to the challenge.

Achieving Fit-for-purpose Test Environments

TEM covers the complete set-up and management of your test environments, including devices, infrastructure, software and configuration. Available as a measured, 'as-a-service' model, TEM tackles your key testing challenges to help you:
  • Speed up software releases as much as 25% by automating delivery and support
  • Cut infrastructure costs by 5-10% by using smaller asset footprints
  • Boost team productivity by up to 30%

Full Lifecycle Delivery and Support

TEM was developed based on the experience Capgemini has gained in a range of client delivery projects that produced impressive results.

Capgemini is the only testing service provider to cover the full testing lifecycle. Our teams guide you through: 
  • Analysis of current capabilities
  • Actions and toolsets to improve testing
  • Proof of concept
  • Full TEM rollout
  • Training and support
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