Model Based Testing Workbench

A tool driven approach to automate test design and accelerate testing for commercial financial services applications

One of the most time-consuming and resource-intensive components of any software implementation is systems testing. Repositories of test cases, scenarios and scripts can help jump start testing efforts but only get you so far.

Model based testing is a methodology and IT toolset designed to accelerate the creation of test scripts. The tools let users describe the system under test using process models which then automate the generation of test cases. Since this approach is supported by automation tools, further time savings can be achieved by automating test execution. In fact, Capgemini has found that experienced testing professionals with domain knowledge can reduce testing time for commercial software by as much as 30% through model based testing.

Use Models to Test Commercial Applications

Capgemini created the Model Based Testing Workbench to address the challenges of testing commercial applications for financial services. The Workbench lets testing professionals build test cases efficiently and effectively by using predefined accelerators and tools. We’ve used this approach on major engagements across the world to help Capgemini’s Financial Services clients lower costs, reduce time to market, manage scope and raise quality for commercial off the shelf applications implementation.

We have created Workbenches for several common financial services applications:

Achieve Measurable Results

Our Workbench can help financial services firms:

  • Automatically generate test cases, requirements and bi-directional traceability
  • Confirm requirements are complete and understood
  • Automate and streamline the test specification process, making this critical and time consuming process less dependent on test professionals
  • Create new test scripts at the click of a button
  • Integrate with HP and IBM solutions
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