Zhou Zhou

After university, I was unsure what I wanted to do for a career. I have always had an interest in technology as it becomes more and more embedded in our day-to-day lives, therefore started out in a graduate scheme at a technology firm. I then moved to a Big Four professional services firm for two years, before joining Capgemini Invent, where I wanted a role to truly combine digital and management consulting.

Why you joined the team:

The Digital Acceleration team helps clients understand what a digital transformation means to them, and advise through their transformation journey. The team offers all the capabilities that I am most interested in, specifically on IT Strategy, IT Operating Model, Cloud Transformation and Agile@Scale. I sit within IT Strategy and Transformation, as I wanted to be at the forefront of digital transformations, helping clients define their digital ambition and guide them through their transformation.

The most interesting part of your work/project:

Brexit has obviously been a hot topic these days, which unsurprisingly brings a lot of opportunities to consulting. My most recent project was helping a Government department prepare for the technology impact of Brexit to their business process in case of no deal, which involves deep understanding of their current processes and involvement with the EU, to design and implement a solution within the timeframe. Client work aside, I get to contribute towards building the practice, doing forward thinking to produce points of views and creating go-to-market materials.

Your view on the future of technology and business transformation:

As digital becomes more and more normalised in our world, organisations have to keep up with the market. Digital and business transformation becomes ever more interlinked, IT strategy and business strategy would go hand in hand, values from IT should directly relate to business values. The silo between the two will organically diminish over time.

Zhou Zhou