Yvonne Hansen

I ace using my learning across 20 years in tech to deliver for our clients.

Technology industry leads the way for flexibility, diversity, and opportunity at work.

Tell us about your background and your journey to Capgemini.

I joined the Cloud Infrastructure Services division of Capgemini in 2019, as a Senior Service Delivery Manager in the Managed Service business unit. But I don’t come from a technical background. I graduated in international business and foreign languages in 2000. My IT career started in parallel when I became a service desk agent for a global tech company in 1999.

My journey to Capgemini has been mainly based on working on the job. This has given me a solid understanding of the full delivery chain of IT services, which is a highly valuable experience the further you go up the ladder and in dealing with different organizational levels.

Why did you choose to work in the tech industry?

Even while I was studying, I knew I wanted to work in the tech industry as it would allow me to work globally, improve my intercultural, language, and communication skills, as well as broaden my general technical skills. The dynamic nature of the industry always appealed to me and I truly love the process of change and transformation, continuously learning new things, meeting and working with people from different countries and cultures with different skillsets and experiences.

Moreover, even a decade ago, the tech industry was leading the way in modern working models, including flexible working hours and remote working options. As I became a single mother, I appreciated even more all the different opportunities the industry had for its people – enabling me to continue my career path, work full-time and take care of my daughter.

What have you learned about balancing work and family life?

I found that when you are faced with the challenge of balancing work and family, you learn very quickly to prioritize. Sometimes, that means strategically rescheduling meetings, only attending those with a clear agenda, or dropping the laundry at home and serving spaghetti with tomato sauce three times a week. You learn to prioritize what’s really important.

When I had my daughter, I was a senior manager. I could have arranged to have an au-pair or a nanny, but I wanted to be present for my daughter. So I stepped down to become a manager and moved to a mature and stable account. This enabled me to plan my days better and spread my working hours evenly. Now that my daughter is older and more independent, I have moved up to take on a senior manager role again.

What is your experience of diversity in the tech industry?
We are all different and that’s a wonderful thing. I have never compared myself to others and have always taken the path that works for me. This has involved changing job roles and companies, but it has also made me diverse, experienced, and flexible as a person. I love what I do, and I truly appreciate all my colleagues for contributing to every single achievement. I have learned to work in various environments with very different people, and that in itself has been an incredible journey. And it still is!

How does Capgemini encourage women to join the sector?

Capgemini has various initiatives to encourage women to join and stay in the industry, and those of us who have experience are also involved in encouraging more women into tech. Whether we’re providing coaching, mentoring or support on the job, acting as consultants in the hiring process, or proactively supporting the various initiatives of the Group, women in Capgemini are using their experience alongside the various development programs to give the company an advantage in winning some of the best talent.

What are your views on the future of technology?

As more and more industries step into the digital age, a tech will imbue every part of our lives and ecosystem. It is a continuously growing field, one in which we need more top talent. And one in which women can’t be left behind. We need to step up and face the challenge together!

What are you an Ace at?

I am an ace at using my learning across 20 years in technology to deliver for our clients.

What do you love about your career at Capgemini?

I love working in a global, diverse, technical environment.

How do you make time for yourself in such a busy schedule?

Sleep is overrated. Seriously. Whoever said we need 7–8 hours of sleep? Over the years, I have gotten used to sleeping for merely four or five hours and then getting up at 5 am for some “me” time. These are precious moments to do what I want – whether it’s to watch the sunrise, take a walk, exercise, read, meditate, or do something to set the tone for the day. It allows me to start every single day focused, in a good mood, and ready for whatever may come my way.

Yvonne Hansen