Soumya MVD

I feel that Capgemini is a company that always helps me build my professional purpose.

It's all about developing decision-making skills and precise implementation.

NAME: Soumya MVD

Job title: Senior Consultant

Area of the Business: Testing

Location: Hyderabad


How did the culture of the Young Emerging Professionals Program help you to grow?

The Young Emerging Professionals Program is designed to get the best and most out of budding professionals. I, too, have benefitted threefold from the program, quite literally! Firstly, the training provided a sound and example-led understanding of reactions to various day-to-day situations, helping me better my team management and presentation skills. Secondly, it helped me build trust and compassion with other team members, reducing friction and enabling better output. Thirdly, it also fostered efficient decision making and its thoughtful implementation. All this has led me to become a better version of myself, both professionally and personally.

How was your experience going through a 100% virtual learning journey?

Virtual Learning is fantastically appealing and highly contagious. Once you’ve got hooked to the platform, you want more of it. The program is equally enticing. It provides ample opportunities to increase one’s abilities, skills, and expertise with real-time scenarios. The entire journey was filled with versatile topics and attention given to the smallest detail, to enhance everyday situations in the office. The topics were quite relatable and easy to interpret, making the learning refreshingly successful.

How did the program change you? How has it changed your daily work/role?

The most important aspect of the program was training based on real events, which could be easily demonstrated. This made the entire process very interesting. I am confident of implementing the skills learnt at the program into my daily professional life – from preparing presentation dockets, to precise decisions to having candid group discussion sessions. The impact is going to stay with me forever.

How does Capgemini help support a sense of purpose in your career?

Most of the time, I feel that Capgemini is a company that always helps me build my professional purpose in balance with my purpose.

Soumya MVD