Sofiya Fedyshyn

Senior business transformation analyst

Sofiya, describe your career path at Capgemini.

In 2017, I finished my undergraduate studies at the Jagiellonian University and I decided that it was time to gain my first professional experience. As my field of study was related to economics, I was interested in an internship in finance. This is how I ended up at an interview at Capgemini, and was offered the internship in the purchasing department.

After 3 months, I was employed as a junior specialist and, at the same time, started my master’s degree. Thanks to the company’s flexibility and the possibility of working from home, I could combine work and studies. Before defending my master’s thesis, I received my first professional promotion – the role of a purchasing process specialist.

After graduation, I was going to work in finance, so I decided to browse through internal offers at Capgemini. I found information about the Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation team and the “Fast Track to Consulting” (FTTC) program. This program was aimed at introducing young, talented employees into the world of business consulting. After several stages of recruitment, I was accepted. During a year, I took part in various projects related to the transformation of customer processes.

The program provided me with a wide variety of experience, not only in the area of financial transformation, but also in project management and organizational changes. Working in consulting turned out to be interesting and full of new challenges. My eagerness to grow led me to become a senior transformation specialist after 10 months of the FTTC program. After completing it, I chose consulting in financial area where I want to develop. At this point, I am a full member of the FPIA team.

What challenges did you have to face after joining Fast Track to Consulting Programme?

I had to adapt to the rapidly changing environment which is typical for working with projects. It happened that, in times before the pandemic, you could find out about business travel a few days before departure. It could be exciting and stressful at the same time.

Working in the FPIA team is dynamic and challenging. However, each team member can adapt and support colleagues at the same time. Fortunately, team spirit is one of the most important values of the team, which we can experience during difficult projects.

How did you have to prepare for your new position?

At the beginning of the “Fast Track to Consulting” program, I participated in a two-week training course aimed to familiarize participants with the areas of consulting services provided by the FPIA team and their future responsibilities. After two weeks, I was assigned to a transformation project. My first day in the project was also related to my first business trip. I flew with my team to conduct a workshop for a client – a large Swedish company from the automotive industry.

Do you remember your first day in the new team?

Of course! When I joined  the FPIA team and the FTTC program, I have met many people who are really passionate about their work. I also noticed that the team is harmonious, and the team integration activities also take place outside of work.

During the first day, I participated in a whole-day training during which I had the opportunity to meet people on various positions. I immediately noticed that everyone was willing to support new people and help them take over new responsibilities, despite their own workload

Sofiya Fedyshyn