Rajan Anand

Right from the start of my career, I was passionate about technology and wanted to build a career in it. Hence immediately after my graduation in Economics, I did my master’s in computer applications. After working for 5 years, I later decided to further pursue my interest in technology and management consulting and hence I did my MBA from Manchester Business School. Following, my MBA I joined Capgemini Consulting (now Invent) to pursue my passion for technology and help clients solve their complex business problems using technology.

 Why you joined Digital Acceleration in Invent

The world around us has changed a lot in the last decade with ‘Digital’ being the key factor. In this new world, organisations need not only become digital but also transform itself to the new digital culture and ways of working. The ‘Digital Acceleration’ Team provides this capability where it helps clients on their ‘Digital’ journey through key offerings such as Digital IT Strategy, Digital IT Operating Model, Cloud Transformation, Agile@Scale and Digital Programme Excellence. I sit within the Digital Programme Excellence Team and help clients on their ‘Digital Transformation’ journey.

 The most interesting part of your work/project

I specialise within the Utilities Market and one of the recent projects I did was to roll out an Enterprise Work and Asset Management System (Maximo). The interesting part of this project was though it was replacement of an existing asset management system they had, this was a Business led Transformation. The impact this bought to the ways of working for the people were massive. As an organisation it helped them to move to a ‘Paperless’ Business where they were able to get rid of paper forms for capturing asset data and now used Mobile Apps for the same. It’s differences like these where we bring major improvements to a business to help achieve their strategic objectives is what interests me in my work.

 Your view on the future of technology and business transformation

In future, I see Technology as a key driver to solving business issues. Technology is becoming more advanced and innovative with the emergence of new technologies like IoT, AI, Blockchain, etc. What I see in the future, is how we can use ‘Digital Innovation’ combining Digital and Innovative Products / Solutions to provide better customer experiences. This will require us at Capgemini Invent to partner and work with technology firms and start-ups to come up with innovative products/solutions, which in turn will need businesses to transform their current ways of working.

Rajan Anand