Employee stories

What does it mean to love or “ace” your career at Capgemini? Find out from our teammates.

Jennifer Day

“Each client is different – I like that variety, I like meeting and talking to...

Cherry Fung

It gives me the sense of belonging and acceptance, which inspires collaboration and also...

Meet Gunjan Saini

I love searching for creative solutions. I am an ace at creating trustworthy relationships.

Meet Alyssa Kiel

 I love building relationships. I ace creating solutions.

Pascal Espinouse

I love bringing dreams to life. I ace architecting the future.

Meet Mary Ensabella

I love defining a better future. I ace making it happen.

Meghna Mody

I love being empowered. I ace delivering training

Tiffani Floyd

I love exploring for creative solutions. I ace at creating trustworthy relationships.

Lizzy Wat

I love building relationships. I ace leading changes.

Chris Wilkinson

I love designing distributed enterprise systems. I ace creating an environment that can...

Chirag Shah

I love Data. I ace Analytics.

Marc-Olivier Hilgers

I love forging new relationships. I ace delivering sustainable client value.