Employee stories

What does it mean to love or “ace” your career at Capgemini? Find out from our teammates.

Jerome Grant

Jerome explains why he set up the network and how the launch event went in this short...

Bastian Thöle

I love the freedom, fun, and boldness.

Rachel McGlynn

After I completed my M.Sc in Electronic Commerce I joined the graduate programme in Deloitte...

Nick Shimmen

Since joining Invent I have worked in both the public and financial services sectors. I...

Ben Hillman

I started my career in the Financial Services sector where I developed insights into the...

Ethan Lee

An impeccable career built around ample opportunities and diverse approaches.

Sara Montonen, Manager, Operations Transformation

“My top reasons for joining Capgemini Invent are the people, the inclusive and supportive...

Nathalie Rachline

Empowering women to step up and lead the way in tech roles

Veena Ngo

Witness Veena’s sky-rocketing career, fueled by a passion to excel.

Yvonne Hansen

I ace using my learning across 20 years in tech to deliver for our clients.

Suryanshu Goswami

Capgemini is among the few multi-national organizations where you find the perfect work-life...