Employee stories

What does it mean to love or “ace” your career at Capgemini? Find out from our teammates.

Guilherme de Albuquerque Duarte

Capgemini has numerous tools for personal development and client-approach preparation.

Lisa Eckersley

I’m an ace at being able to help business and technical people come together and understand...

Faye Rutowicz

Being an architect, for me, means moving between technology and people.

Fiona Loftus

As an architect, I am able to direct and influence solutions right from the start and...

Thilo Hermann

Within Capgemini, our seven values (including freedom) are more than words – they are...

Jennifer Day

“Each client is different – I like that variety, I like meeting and talking to...

Cherry Fung

It gives me the sense of belonging and acceptance, which inspires collaboration and also...

Meet Gunjan Saini

I love searching for creative solutions. I am an ace at creating trustworthy relationships.

Meet Alyssa Kiel

 I love building relationships. I ace creating solutions.

Pascal Espinouse

I love bringing dreams to life. I ace architecting the future.

Meet Mary Ensabella

I love defining a better future. I ace making it happen.

Meghna Mody

I love being empowered. I ace delivering training


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