Fun Fact

I love cycling (mostly off road routes) and I once bungee jumped 168 meters from a hanging bridge straight into the roaring Bhota Khosi River in Nepal!


Hewlett Packard hired me in 2002 as a Process Associate during campus recruitment. This was my launch pad into the BPO industry. It was an enriching experience as I went up the ladder playing different roles with responsibilities in the Finance & Accounting area. I learned the concept of global delivery and a virtual world. The thought of expanding my horizons coincided with an opportunity that landed me a job with Capgemini where I have grown into a Senior Engagement Manager role. Capgemini gives me a great platform to display my ability and the learning along the way has been immense. Concepts like the Capgemini University and the BPO Olympics have been great learning experiences.

I am generation BPO

Being part of Generation BPO gave me the beginning of a new way of life; a career to aspire for; a dream so achievable that many can chase it and be successful. Starting early in a BPO organization gives a tremendous boost for fast growth. The exposure to a global, multi-ethnicity, multi-cultural work environment gives that extra edge in shaping the professional outlook at a very young age. As a BPO professional I am able to help my clients get global insights into their own organization which enables them to make faster decisions. What I like the about working in BPO is that I am able to build a strong global professional network. “The ability to work in a dynamic, changing environment and a constant focus on challenging the status quo are some things that make me uniquely generation BPO.

Skill sets and mindsets

BPO professionals draw upon the wealth of experience they earn from different clients across a range of industries to drive improvements. To be successful in BPO, one should always put oneself into the clients’ shoes and focus on end-to-end results from an outcome perspective.

The future of BPO

BPO is in a stage of evolution. From traditional transaction process outsourcing and the resulting labor arbitrage benefits, we have come a long way in becoming transformational partners for clients. I see the future of BPO developing further in this direction with the focus shifting towards value-based outcomes. Furthermore, the BPO network which is currently limited to a few cities in each country will also see an expansion. With the current rate of expansion in the industry, I see myself growing into larger roles and expanding my professional network even further in this global village!