What drives me to work

Security is a paramount issue for every enterprise. Our clients rely on us to provide the most comprehensive threat intelligence, compliance, and proactive security solutions to protect their systems, employees, and customers. Working on a dynamic challenge like security, motivates me to work every morning to stay one step ahead of cyber threats, and be ready for attacks when they happen.

My usual work day

As a Security Consultant, my job has a variety of complex responsibilities. Every client’s existing security posture is unique, with unique vulnerabilities, and opportunity for an original combination of solutions. An element of my position is assessing what vulnerabilities exist, what solutions can be offered, and how my team and I can work to help our clients be as resistant to attacks as possible. Each project is distinct and nuanced; breaking down these complexities and providing solutions is incredibly rewarding.

Skills for Security Consultant

At Capgemini we have an incredible team with a plethora of different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. Fundamentally, it is important for all of our team members to have experience with and understanding of not only technical aspects of cybersecurity, but also an awareness of how the nexus of threats, assets, and vulnerabilities fit into a larger picture of supporting business continuity and facilitating a mature security posture. My own background is in threat intelligence and translating that into development of policies, procedures, and best-practices. My capabilities are complimented by our phenomenal teams that handle the technical aspects of infrastructure security.

My Aim

In my role as a Security Consultant, I aim to help shape Capgemini’s innovation of security-centric offerings to mitigate the threats of the present, and evolve to meet the security challenges of the future. I hope to bring awareness of the best services and capabilities to our clients to help them stay proactively resilient to evolving threats.

Overcoming Challenges at work

Security is a protracted uphill battle. The threats are constant, decentralized, and dynamic. Meeting this challenge for our clients is a personal challenge in my position. However, I am supported in my role by the talented team I work with, whom are always pushing Capgemini to be the best and most effective we can be with the most innovative technical capabilities and proactive solutions to handle the threats we and our clients face.

How Capgemini empowers me?

The fastest way to get from point A to point B is a straight line. When applied to communication and problem-solving, this principle is a best-practice. At Capgemini, the culture is one based on strong business ethics, transparency, and a cooperative foundation of honest dialogue. The leadership at Capgemini empowers team-members at every level through valuing feedback and embracing an organic project process where diversity of opinion breeds better solutions. It is rewarding to work with a team that values different opinions and aims to perfect our practice and make changes where needed.

Why Capgemini?

It is an exciting time to be working at Capgemini, especially in North American Infrastructure Services. In our Cybersecurity unit, we are growing our team to handle the ever-present and increasing demand for seasoned professionals to assess evolving cybersecurity challenges at all levels. As a consultant, it is important to me to have mobility, access to resources, and an opportunity to continue to develop my own skills and capabilities. Joining Capgemini has allowed me to do what I love while facilitating further personal development. At Capgemini we are innovating and perfecting our portfolio of security services. My role at Capgemini is allowing me to help shape that innovation and build something to be proud of.

Advice for Security Consultant

Some sage advice I once received was to find something I loved, which fascinated me to the point where learning and exploring wasn’t a chore, and turn that into a niche of expertise. Security is a broad area, and effective cybersecurity goes beyond the strictly technical aspects. There are many places to specialize that can make you valuable to a team, and allow you to shape a career moving forward based on your interest areas, which generates value to your company and to your clients. My advice would be to find out what that might be for you, and continue to push yourself to learn and explore. Even after you have found your niche of expertise, a rounded and diverse array of knowledge and experience is an invaluable asset to consulting.