Ben Hillman

I started my career in the Financial Services sector where I developed insights into the technology used to keep large banks running and how investment is delivered to provide risk reduction benefits to the bank so resilient services can be provided to customer. More recently, cyber risks began to attract significant attention from executives and I had a unique opportunity to contribute towards the bank’s investment in reducing cyber risks.

What attracted you to Digital Security and Trust?

I believe the cyber security domain is still in its infancy, which means there are many opportunities to gain exposure to the new problems faced by digital organisations and develop novel solutions. Unsurprisingly I predict the demand for services in this industry will only continue to increase, and so will the importance of focus as consumer and organisations become ever so reliant on digital products and services.

What is the most interesting part of your work/project?

I’m constantly surprised how vast and varying the cyber security domain is – and with more client exposure I continue see there is no ‘one way’ of solving a problem, as the organisational context is so significant. This means I’m always learning regardless of which project I’m delivering or which cyber domain I’m exposed to – So there is always the opportunity for you to think outside the box and, that tends to keep me driven.

Why did you join the Digital Security and Trust team at Capgemini Invent?

I knew the next step in my career had to provide me with a breath of experience and opportunities to develop technical depth, so I could my skills profile, and I felt this would have been more of a challenge to achieve ‘in industry’. Capgemini appealed to me because I had positive experiences working with Capgemini Invent consultants during my time at the bank, and I couldn’t help but admire Capgemini’s collaborative culture and transformative ethos. Since joining I’ve had a blast working with (and growing) the team, and we’re now looking at how we can tackle the problems faced by the next generations of organisations in our increasingly agile environment.

Ben Hillman