Arka Paul

I ace mentoring team members.
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NAME: Arka Paul

Job title: MDM Consultant

Area of the Business: I & D MDM

Location: Kolkata


How did the culture of the Young Emerging Professionals Program help you to grow?

Throughout my professional journey, I have mostly taken on the responsibilities of a developer. Managerial expertise and presentation fluency has come as a close second. After participating in the YEP Program, life changed a lot. As the program is full of well-defined simulations, it covers broader aspects of decision making, presentation skills, and team creation with flair. The most important learning had to do with aligning my mental balance while taking important decisions and forming a robust team.

How was your experience going through a 100% virtual learning journey?

It was one of the most refreshing takes on learning – truly virtual and such a well-defined course. It comprised multiple behavioural sessions that covered almost every important topic and aspect required by an IT professional to excel professionally. Two very unique propositions of the program were managing an F1 Team to win a Grand Prix and leading a Customer Support Team to resolve issues and answer questions while meeting deadlines and stipulated budgets.

How did the program change you? How has it changed your daily work/role?

I have primarily worked as a Developer or Technical Analyst. Since completing this program, I feel a renewed sense of confidence when making decisions and managing the team. I also benefit from enhanced presentation skills. The program has certainly broadened my views and sharpened my knowledge. I would recommend it to every IT professional, as I feel that it is something that everyone should personally experience. It simply cannot be put into words.

What are you an ace at?

I love teaching people as I think knowledge gets better when shared. I ace mentoring team members.

How does Capgemini help support a sense of purpose in your career?

Capgemini has provided me with a good work-life balance, which I cherish a lot and it is something that is highly required in today’s world.


Arka Paul