Anton Larsson

The key challenge is to work closely with clients to ensure that the end user’s interests come first.

What drives me to work

I love solving problems and making things work smoothly. There are a lot of services out there where no one asks the user what he or she thinks, and that to me just doesn’t make sense.

In my job I get challenged each day with complex problems that I need to solve with the help of good design. I love being creative and developing concepts that will make people’s lives easier.

My usual work day

As a UX Designer and Art Director I’m an advocate for the user of the service I’m currently working on. I need to make sure they get what they need, even if they don’t know themselves what that might be. That’s sometimes a hard thing to figure out.

More concretely, I’m also responsible for designing the interfaces of the services I’m working with. How should it look and feel and how should the interaction with the service work in order to make it as usable and understandable as possible? These are questions I try to answer everyday.

Skills to be a Art Director

To be a successful Art Director within the field of User Experience you must have all the basic graphic design knowledge in place since you’ll be responsible for the visual design in projects. I’m talking about typography, color theory, hierarchy, proportion, composition and so on. You’ll also need a good knowledge of how to design for digital screens and to properly handover your thoughts and designs to a developer when you’re done. And this only concerns the actual craftsmanship. In addition you’ll need a solid understanding of users and usability and the processes and methods to use before you even design the first button. I’d say the best education to prepare one to be a good UX Designer and Art Director is a mix of behavioral science, graphic design and communications.

My Aim

It may sound like a cliché but I want to be part of designing services that can really make lives easier for people. And this job allows me to be part of projects that aims to do exactly that. In big and small ways, we make life a little easier for the users of the services we design.

Overcoming Challenges at work

The key challenge is to work closely with clients to ensure that the end user’s interests come first. I am glad that Capgemini is doing its best to convey the importance of design in projects, which further helps me to empower the client and prioritise the design work within the project timeline.

What motivates me?

No day is the same! Everyday brings something new to the table that you’ll need to dig your mind into. And the fact that we design for others makes it very rewarding when we get good feedback from the end users.

How Capgemini empowers me?

I have all the tools I need to do a good job and the possibility for further education if there are areas in which I’d like to grow more.

What makes me Proud?

I really enjoy receiving feedback from end users that our services make things easier for them. If we can take away a major pain point in a person’s working day by automating a task or reducing a process by X amounts of steps, then I’m happy. Success!

Why Capgemini?

I’d say the main reasons would be the huge projects you’ll get the possibility to be part of. Projects that actually could make a difference. You don’t get that everywhere. And of course the people working here! We have a lot of fun at work.

Career Advice

Don’t be afraid of applying for a job! If you think you know the basics, give it a try. You’ll learn along the way and most employers look more at who you are as person and what your mindset is in addition to your skillset, background and experience.

And most importantly. Have an open mind, be humble, curious and willing to learn and you’ll go a long way!


Anton Larsson