Anne Karin Stensland

My life at Capgemini

Working at Capgemini has given me opportunities to explore industries and sectors I never even knew I was interested in. I’ve gotten to know people that are extremely talented, with backgrounds and experiences that make them all unique in their own way.

My life outside Capgemini

In addition to the social life that we already get at Capgemini, I enjoy spending my time off outside in the beautiful nature around Oslo. I explore the city, go to restaurants, socialize with friends, and enjoy the several different options the surroundings have to offer.

Why I applied

The people working at Capgemini were one of the main reasons I applied. I got the impression that Capgemini was a place where you make each other better, rather than competing against each other. A collaborative environment is a good summary. Knowing that I, as a graduate, also got to take part in the Graduate Program “BAG”, made the decision even easier.

A special Capgemini memory

A truly special Capgemini memory is from when I went to Paris to our coursing facility “Serge Kampf Les Fontaines” . Seeing the amount of people and knowledge that is in our organization, and getting to know people from the offices across the world brought up interesting conversations and learning for all of us. Working together with a big client solving complex problems, showed that we are truly powerful when we bring together the strength coming from people with different cultures and backgrounds.

How it is being part of BAG / doing an internship

BAG was one of the main reasons I wanted to work for Capgemini Consulting. Being constantly followed up, but at the same time being given the space and freedom to continuously improve and evolve, is a mix far better than I’d hoped for. As a part of BAG you feel like you are truly part of something special, always having somebody around to ask from, whatever might be the issue.

Anne Karin Stensland
Anne Karin Stensland