Real-time Charging and Policy

With the rise of smartphones, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are being bombarded with usage data that could prove incredibly valuable. Capgemini and MATRIXX Software offer real-time billing, charging and policy management for instant visibility and control of data services.

Driving Value and Revenue in Real-time

Together, Capgemini and MATRIXX Software are offering breakthrough technology to power a new breed of smart charging and policy management solutions.
Our Online Charging System gives CSPs a clear way to process, decipher and gain value from your data. This means you can deliver tailored products and services to specific consumer segments through real-time analysis of:
  • Customer behavior
  • Over the Top (OTT) usage patterns
  • Subscriber spending
  • Service uptake
  • Profitability

The business benefits of this joint solution include:
  • Improved visibility for subscribers
  • Tighter control over services: real-time service and spend control
  • Increased brand loyalty and network ROI
  • Additional channels for revenue growth
  • Ability to support the inevitable explosion in data traffic
  • Move to a fully convergent charging / policy system

Solid Experience with Next Generation Technology

We maintain a strong culture of innovation, while leveraging best industry practices. Our phased, roll-out approach to project delivery combined with our truly next generation architecture and technology will prepare you for the data explosion demands of the future.

Key to our expertise:

  • Our unique system integration experience in rating and billing
  • Recognized capability to deploy network grade solutions
  • Significant understanding of network and BSS/OSS interoperability
  • Successful delivery of online charging architectures since 2003
  • Best-of-class components: achieved through our strong partnerships and extensive vendor ecosystem
  • Real business enablers proven by Proof of Concept in our Center of Excellence in Rennes, France
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