We Collaborate

This cluster includes capabilities that help organizations externalize their information, processes and events. By truly connecting to the outside world, fixed, predefined business transactions become ongoing relationships with clients and partners. These are all engaged in a continual cycle of learning, collaboration and co-creation of concepts, ideas, knowledge and tangible products.

TechnoVision: From Transaction to Interaction

Capabilities to Take You from Transaction to Interaction

This cluster is a “mesh network of everything” in which systems and information are shared by default, and new opportunities for collaboration, sometimes ad-hoc or short-lived, arise over and over again.

One of the main capabilities of this cluster are the social collaboration tools of Web 2.0. These enable new, open economic models (“Wikinomics”), leveraging the power of large groups of collaborating individuals (“crowdsourcing”). This leads, among other things, to new ways for autonomous knowledge workers to work on different activities from any location, possibly for multiple organizations, at the same time.

We Collaborate in the Retail Industry

Some online retailers use crowdsourcing to actively involve consumers in designing products. This approach provides the retailers with the power of innovative co-creation, but also helps them to explore social communities as a new platform to evaluate, market and sell products.

Furthermore, “smart business networks” connect their processes through a continuous, fine-grained flow of information and events, thus creating value in new ways by sensing, analyzing and responding in real-time to this flow, often without human intervention.

Affected Business Drivers

  • Innovation
  • Alliance strategies
  • Collaborative development
  • Knowledge management
  • Client/consumer intimacy
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