Thriving on Data

Intelligence has always been the cornerstone of information systems, supporting many major strategic, tactical and operational drivers of the business.

TechnoVision: Thriving on Data

Improving Data Extraction

Through the emergence of open standards and Service-Oriented Architecture, structured and unstructured data can now be extracted from many more sources, often in real time and increasingly from outside the organizational perimeter.

Furthermore, the value of data is amplified as it is integrated in solutions that directly address the needs of individuals in the organization. Business intelligence is no longer only accessible to a few trained experts through specialized systems. Instead, it is embedded in the activities of every member of the organization, potentially involving many different applications. The renewed emphasis on business intelligence also demands advanced tools and policies to master the governance of data throughout the organization and possibly far outside it.

Technologies in this Cluster

  • Real-time integrated business intelligence
  • Searching the semantic web (“Googlification”)
  • “mastered” data management

Thriving on Data in the Retail Industry

Shopper analysis and data sharing with key suppliers enable retailers to increase marketing efficiency and plan local assortments. Loyalty card data can be combined with transactional point-of-sale data to support strategic decision-making, brand and marketing strategies, concept design, category management and demand forecasting.

Affected Business Drivers

No solution area affects more business drivers than Thriving on Data. These drivers include:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Corporate performance management
  • Risk management
  • Customer intimacy
  • Knowledge management
  • Decision-making
  • Portfolio management
  • Control and efficiency
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