The You Experience

This cluster includes capabilities that drastically improve the way we use information systems and help us to personalize and individualize our user experience.

TechnoVision: The You Experience

We are all consumers who use the Internet in compelling, useful ways when we are at home. This creates a pent-up demand: We start to expect nothing less than the same experience when using business applications. 

Through the “You Experience”, we shift the focus of solution development away from solutions that are designed and built beforehand. Instead, we quickly orchestrate unique, tailored systems from fine-grained components, "services", possibly from sources both inside and outside the organization.

Capabilities that Enable the "You Experience"

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIAs): highly interactive media-rich applications that are executed through a simple Internet browser
  • Role-based user portals: which morph content to the specific, context-dependent needs of an individual user
  • iPodification: simple, advanced devices that combine multiplefunctions
  • Human mashup interaction: solutions quickly assembled from multiple services, potentially from many different sources inside and outside the organization.

The "You Experience" in the Retail Industry

For example, in the retail industry some companies have embraced a new generation of interactive platforms, like social networking and small “widgets” (mini-applications) to provide customers with up-to-date productand event content, with the goal of enhancing and individualizing the customer experience.

Affected Business Drivers

  • Creating compelling user experiences
  • Personalization
  • Differentiation
  • Customization
  • Multi-channel strategies
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