Process On The Fly

A new wave of service-oriented solutions enables business analysts to quickly simulate, describe, model, execute and manage business processes.

TechnoVision: Process-on-the-Fly

Flexibility to React

These service-oriented solutions provide an unprecedented capability to change and improve processes “on the fly,” responding to business-critical events the moment they occur.

This flexibility increases even more with the availability of business rules systems that help to isolate the policies of the organization from the supporting information systems. In addition, “composite application” platforms provide additional flexibility through their ability to quickly compose supporting applications from fine-grained, loosely coupled services.

Process On The Fly in the Retail Industry

In Capgemini’s work with a grocery retailer, the company has improved the availability of products in its stores by enabling “process-on-the-fly” for its store replenishment function. The new system enables the development of store replenishment plans based on the knowledge of present and historic service levels as well as product and store constraints.

This flow system allows replenishment plans to be modified in real time as an event occurs. This entire solution space demands a detailed level of understanding of the enabling technologies, but at the same time puts the analyst at the very heart of the business requirements. Through standardization of solutions, more industry reference models will be made available to speed up the business analysis process.

Technologies Involved in Process On The Fly

  • Business Process Management (BPM) tools
  • Business rules engines
  • Composite application platforms

Affected Business Drivers

  • Frequently changing rules and regulations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Continual process and quality improvement (for instance, through Lean Six Sigma)
  • Collaborative product development
  • Service management
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