The cluster of LiberArchitecture does not directly relate to business drivers. However, it contains the crucial foundation for technology-driven change in the forthcoming years.

TechnoVision: Open Standards & Service Orientation

Simplification and Standardization

Many breakthroughs and new uses of technology are catalyzed by the increased availability of open standards, both as an enabler of boundary-less information flow between organizations, and as a shared vocabulary and a shared way of working that fuels global, distributed-delivery scenarios.

As a consequence of open standards, Service-Oriented Architecture contains powerful design principles that greatly simplify building and managing even the biggest systems through its emphasis on standardized, loosely coupled building blocks (or services).

Open Standards in the Retail Industry

Open standards enable retailers to have increased flexibility, visibility and control of their business operations. Throughout the elements of the TechnoVision, service orientation is a tool that truly supports an architected style of transformation, bringing together the various needs of the business and the flexible technology components that support them.

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