App Maker Movement

Bring Your Own Device? So last year. How about bringing your own applications? Just like the Maker Movement has inspired individuals to create their own 3D objects and robots, it is now easier than ever to construct your own applications and not necessarily by learning how to code. It is done by using powerful, visual DIY tools that leverage API catalogs and prebuilt template galleries to the fullest extent. It gets even better when you collaborate with peers. Sometimes, it’s really just a matter of gluing together a few web services. And AI support is on its way to making things even simpler, more effective, and automated. The time is ripe for app democracy. Make your move.

What is it?

  • Powerful DIY platforms are available for “citizen” application development, although IT people my be equally enthusiastic about their productivity and ease-of-use.
  • These platforms depend on the availability of robust, enterprise-scale API and web service catalogs (both internal and external), open data sets, and tested and proven template galleries and “plug-ins.”
  • Sharing of best practices and collaboratively building on each other’s solutions is a crucial success driver.
  • AI will quickly assist in creating even more powerful, DIY applications.


How do we use it?

  • An online optical products retailer chose to custom-build its entire stack of core applications rapidly with its senior managers on the Mendix platform, rather than implementing a more expensive, less flexible ERP system.
  • Individuals from all over the world routinely create and exchange “applets” on, based on thousands of web services that give access to the world’s most popular applications and data collections.
  • The WordPress blogging platform provides templates and a plug-in system for the blogger to create serious, compelling websites.


Potential Impact

  • Increased application development productivity, on both the business and IT sides
  • A much better alignment between the IT and business sides through personally involved and committed “citizen” application developers, and the open, digital platforms that IT supplies to help these citizens along
  • More innovative and higher-quality business-facing applications
  • Enterprise robustness combined with agile solutions



Associated experts

  • Ron Tolido
    IT Strategy Transformation, Insights & Data, TechnoVision and Applications Innovation, Nederland