TechnoVision 2017

"Parallel digital realities": the need for organizations to mirror the capabilities of the digital outside world.

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Parallel Digital Realities

Welcome to Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2017. This edition marks the 10th anniversary of the TechnoVision series and the main theme is “parallel digital realities”: the need for organizations to meticulously mirror the capabilities of the digital outside world.

Invisible Infostructure

Evolving the IT Infrastructure into the pluggable utility it was supposed to be.

The infrastructure part of the IT landscape is the crucial foundation for any organization with ‘post-digital’ ambitions.

Here are the 5 building blocks:

  • Virtual Lego: Virtualization is the key ingredient for rendering the IT infrastructure invisible and benefiting from cloud-based building blocks.
  • Let’s Get Physical: There is nothing that keeps the real and the IT worlds from getting really intimate.
  • Build, Release, Run, Repeat: Build, release, run, repeat in the digital world….all before lunch. What if business could do that too?
  • Orchestrate for Simple: "Service Orchestration" is providing the power of the cloud through a unified platform of simple, easy-to-consume services,
  • Ceci n’est pas une infrastructure: The ultimately invisible infrastructure—no infrastructure—is certainly within reach.


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Applications Unleashed

Liberating the legacy application landscape and unleashing the next generation of powerful, agile, cloud-based apps.

Show me your application landscape and I’ll tell you about your company. In a world of parallel, digital realities this is more than ever true.

  • All in the Catalog: The Cloud has brought a brand new generation of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile, and task-oriented applications.
  • Bot is the new App: Every day, new and exciting applications pop up that don’t look like traditional applications.
  • Kickstart my app: You required the power to deliver new disruptive ideas to the market blazingly fast and with the right quality.
  • API Economy: Unleash the power of your applications portfolio through easy-to-use, standardized interfaces to application services.
  • App Maker Movement: It is now easier than ever to construct your own applications and not necessarily by learning how to code.


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Thriving on Data

Leveraging data as an asset to increase the "Corporate IQ."

The corporate IQ depends on data. Data from many different sources – outside and inside the enterprise.

  • My Data is Bigger than Yours: The real breakthrough of the new data landscape is the ability to insert actionable insights into literally any business activity.
  • You do the Math: Your business will rely on analytical algorithms that help make better-informed decisions and predict the future.
  • At your service: Every businessperson nowadays should be a data expert.
  • Data Apart Together: Governance is more agile and closer to the business than ever before.
  • Max Machina: Breakthroughs in deep learning and raw computing power are fueling the renaissance of AI and Machine Intelligence.


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Process on the Fly

Building, managing, and running processes that match the dynamics of the digital outside world.

Corporate speed depends on the ability to turn insights into action, to quickly respond to events, to overcome business silos, to rapidly change our ways if circumstance so dictate.

  • Shades of Process: State-of-the-art business process platforms make it possible to support, define, run, and manage processes in many different ways.
  • No Process: The best process? Consider no process at all.
  • Rock, Robot, Rock: The robots are amongst us…though they don’t look like robots.
  • Silo Busters: Create a silo-busting platform for flexible and agile process layers on top of disconnected applications and create early, compelling benefits.
  • Work that Machine: Machine intelligence is a formidable force in the workplace.


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You Experience

Creating unique, excellent user experiences.

There is no IT area more rapidly changing than of the user experience.

  • I’m Happy: It is the quest for customer happiness that will determine business relevancy and competitive success.
  • Chat Me Up: Consumers are moving away from mobile apps and websites and towards messaging platforms as the preferred medium to interact.
  • The Bot Effect: Artificial intelligence and end-to-end automation are creating a future full of digital, algorithmic agents.
  • There’s a Platform for That: Platforms can drive uninhibited growth, particularly when participants join in on all sides.
  • Reality Bytes: The blend of reality and fantasy has radical disruptive potential.


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We Collaborate

Tapping into the power of connected "everything."

Humans, organizations and nowadays also ‘things’ find their meaning and value in being connected to others.

  • Happy Together: Your ability to navigate the social networks around you and your customers sets you up for success.
  • You@Work: Automation and AI are changing the purpose of people at work for good.
  • New Chain on the Block: The Blockchain is the most striking example of a next generation platform that acts as a public ledger for open, collaborative transactions.
  • Crowd Surfing Allowed: How do you reach beyond your own organizational boundaries to expand to the global IP economy?
  • Friend that Thing: Operational technology and IT are fusing into a new cyber-physical reality as the Internet of Things becomes part of everybody’s social context.


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Design for Digital

The overarching design principles to follow throughout the lifecycle of applying technology to Digital Transformation.

The overarching design principles to follow throughout the lifecycle of applying technology to Digital Transformation.

  • Le Roi Cloud: Exploiting 720° of the cloud potential—in all its dimensions—is the key starting principle for the digital world.
  • Twin Worlds: In the digital world, everything acquires a virtual life or even a twin life: an identity, an image, an existence, a way of working, a reputation.
  • Speed Platform: As new developments are built on the platform to launch services with greater speed, they should add new, improved features.
  • IQ Up: Digital capabilities already enhance the IQ of both the people and the many corporations that need to keep up with the pace of the world.
  • Trust P&L: Trust is the key to a solid digital reputation.
  • What’s Your Story? It is the age of digital disruption, with new technology as the engine behind radically reinvented business models.


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