Strategic Upgrade Lab for Oracle PeopleSoft

We understand the real value of investing in Enhanced PeopleSoft Enterprise Functionality.

Upgrading Success: LandAmerica Financial Group

Most often, the decision to commit to an upgrade of Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise centers on reducing costs and staying compliant with the latest version of the technology. But “doing the same things, better” with a newer release isn’t good enough anymore. It’s time to do things differently by building a solution that can support your future vision.

Capgemini delivers an IT roadmap that joins your strategic vision and business plans with the right IT enablers. We identify not just the technical advantages of an upgrade but also possible and purposeful business improvement opportunities.

At the core of Capgemini’s Upgrade Center of Excellence is our cloud-based Upgrade Lab. Supported by an unparalleled network and physical security, the Upgrade Lab is committed to increasing value and collaboration amongst the project team. Our Upgrade Lab is completely aligned to the methodology of Oracle’s Upgrade Lab concept: it doesn't require any transactional data from the customer to be ported out of their network, providing a high comfort level and not compromising Data Security or Data Privacy.

Possessing the right proprietary methods, tools and accelerators, we deliver true and measurable value during a PeopleSoft Enterprise upgrade project with our PeopleSoft Upgrade Lab, Rightshore®, Application Management and Menu Card.