NG9-1-1: Transition predictably

Industrialized, repeatable processes and management capabilities to support predictable NG9-1-1 digital transitions

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Connect with us in Booth #539 at THE NATIONAL NENA CONFERENCE in SAN ANTONIO, JUNE 3-8

Come see us at one of our NG9-1-1 IV&V educational sessions

As the 9-1-1 industry works to operationalize Next Generation 9-1-1, how can you ensure that the solution you choose meets standards, your objectives, and will interoperate with your neighbor agencies.  Talk with our experts at this event at booth # to learn more about our approach to Next Generation 9-1-1.

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Schedule a meeting to connect with our experts there.  Sam Bard

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NG9-1-1 migrations pose both technical and operational risks to 9-1-1 authorities working to make the digital transformation. 

With an absence of comprehensive and universally accepted NG9-1-1 standards, established best practices, or national benchmarks. Capgemini brings industrialized, repeatable processes, management capabilities, and mature testing toolsets to support predictable NG9-1-1 digital transitions.

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