Smart Analytics for Utilities

Capgemini's smart analytics platform helps utility companies extract insight from the complex data generated by smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure deployment. We use cross-functional smart analytics to provide actionable insight into business processes.

Mine Your Data to Accelerate Business Benefits

Capgemini's Smart Analytics enables utilities to analyze, report and act on business intelligence from across the entire enterprise. Thanks to role-based access and security systems, you can provide customized access to this information to people at all levels of your organization.

These capabilities deliver the following key benefits:

  • Improved access to data and decision support through interactive dashboards, reports and ad hoc query tools that enable you to analyze data from different business areas in a single integrated solution
  • Operational monitoring and analytical solutions for initiatives like customer care programs, revenue protection and assurance, and demand response campaigns
  • Pre-defined and extensible data models for utilities (uLDM), developed with our technology partners, that ensure data accessibility and scalability while enabling reuse and documentation

Real Solutions for Smarter Utilities

Our specialists work in close partnership with you to develop a compelling business case for change while ensuring regulatory compliance. Thanks to our focus on risk management, we can guarantee reliable solutions and support that benefit from the latest technological innovations.

Understand the Smart Journey

Capgemini has worked with utilities companies worldwide and understands the smart journey. We've supported multiple utilities companies in North America and Europe in rolling out their smart meter programs.

Our global Business Information Management practice partners with clients in diverse industries to develop a roadmap to a more intelligent enterprise. We do this by helping you manage and mine your data to extract valuable insights and make better decisions.

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