SkySight: Next-generation Cloud Orchestration Service

Launch, configure and manage cloud-based services on your own terms, and in hours rather than months. SkySight gives you the flexibility, mobility and greater IT control you need to achieve seamless integration across your entire portfolio.

Staying Ahead in an IT Environment with Ever-changing Rules

IT environments are increasingly complex: big data, regulation and emerging cloud and mobile technologies are rewriting the IT rules. As a result, many organizations find it difficult to:
  • Keep up with fast-changing customer and business demands
  • Integrate new systems without significant investment or costly licenses
  • Support rapid change using aging legacy processes
  • Commission, purchase and implement new apps quickly
To achieve cost savings and accelerate innovation, companies need innovative tools and services to integrate and manage their expanding range of assets.

Enterprises need to continue to leverage the investments they’ve made in existing IT infrastructure, and they need to start reaping the benefits of the Cloud.”
Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

Faster Access, Greater IT Control

SkySight is a next-generation cloud orchestration service that enables you to quickly access cloud-based applications as needed, while IT maintains governance and control. 

Introduction to SkySight

Benefits include:

  • Flexibility: seamless supply of applications across a range of Cloud environments (public, private, hybrid), compatible with existing systems
  • Data sovereignty assurance: data security, sovereignty and compliance concerns addressed through Capgemini Private Cloud, hosted in Europe
  • Greater IT control: security, data and policy compliance, reporting and billing included
  • Speed to market: deployment within hours rather than months
  • Business productivity: a portfolio of ready-to-use applications available anywhere, anytime via an enterprise apps store
  • Cost efficiency: pay-as-you-go payment structure

SkySight comprises:

  • Enterprise applications store: offering a portfolio of ready-to-use Microsoft and Capgemini cloud-based applications and services on pay-as-you-go basis. Apps and services include: Microsoft SharePoint, messaging, collaboration, Microsoft Lync, testing platforms, and storage capacity.
  • Cloud environments: spanning public, private and hybrid, using core Microsoft cloud technologies and tools. These include Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012 and Windows Azure. 
  • A secure, policy-driven orchestration service: integrating business process configuration, billing, metering, performance monitoring, provisioning, security and data compliance
Skysight infographic

Combining Leading Technology with Cloud Expertise

SkySight combines Microsoft’s core technologies with our extensive experience in delivering cloud services and managing complex IT environments. This solution is a defining achievement of our strong global alliance.
We are a pioneer in cloud-based services, helping numerous clients harness the power of cloud to achieve meaningful business change. We work with our strategic partners to develop ready-to-run, customized cloud solutions to meet our clients’ business needs. Our portfolio of advanced cloud-based solutions and services includes:

Paul Hermelin announces SkySight

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