Explore how banks can evolve their business model and enable the concept of “Beyond Banking”

Where: Open Theatre 2
When: Monday October 22, 2018 | 16:15 – 16:45

The battle for the customer is on! 

Customers now expect their banks/financial services providers to help them achieve their financial goals but also go “beyond banking” by taking their lifestyles into account. The banks that are best able to serve their customers’ needs in the most efficient, convenient and experientially delightful way will ultimately win customer loyalty.

At some point in their digital transformation journey, banks reach a tipping point where they shift from an inside-out perspective, essentially focused on modernization and optimization, to an outside-in approach, where there is an emphasis on serving customer needs in a holistic manner.

The time has now come for banks to make this switch.

The outside-in approach requires the creation of new business models and ecosystems that leverage the capabilities of external partners and collaborators such as FinTechs and product and service providers (e.g. home inspectors, realtors, etc…) to go “beyond banking” for customers.

We look forward to your participation at our session. 

Our Speakers

Sudhir Pai
Chief Technology Officer

Sudhir Pai is an Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the Global Financial Services business at Capgemini. He is a thought leader, speaker, blogger and business advisor for the CXO’s in the finance industry. He has published over 100 blogs since last year and has been praised for being practical, relevant, actionable and hands-on. As an advisor, he is focusing on sparking Innovation, embracing Ecosystem for significant business impacts and assisting organisations to face Technology disruptions. He has been elected as a Fellow for developing Fintech & Blockchain ecosystem at Singapore Institute of Management and serves as a board member for Innovation Precinct at University of Swinburne.