We were excited to share with you our latest thinking and examples of how we’re helping companies apply today’s technologies to create more engaging and personalized customer experiences including SAChA, our voice shopping assistant developed with Google and Intel, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize the shopper experience.

The Smart Advisor “SAChA” Omni-channel Experience

As 40% of consumers will use voice assistants by 2020, conversational commerce is poised to revolutionize the way we shop, according to our recent Capgemini Survey of 5,000 consumers across the US, UK, France and Germany.

By interacting with SAChA, you can experience today’s possibilities for leveraging conversational commerce. Designed and created at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) in Lille, France, SAChA acts as a shopping assistant, answering questions a customer might ask a store associate like “Do you have red ruffled blouse?” / “I have seen a lot of wide-leg pants, are they the latest trend? Do you have any in stock?” / “What was Meghan Markle wearing at her recent hospital visit engagement?”

Capable to answer specific and open-ended questions, SAChA uses artificial intelligence to process natural language, search the retailer’s product catalogue, and review external editorial publications to provide on-point recommendations.

Learn more about SAChA here.