Telecoms Legacy Modernization

Reduce overhead costs and accelerate time to market for your products and services: our Legacy Modernization experts take you from discovery and assessment to migration and modernization. The result is agile, cost-effective and modern IT systems

From Assessment to Modernization

Our Legacy Modernization solution builds on three phases to update your legacy systems:
  • Assess and discover: We assess your current code state and legacy requirements.
  • Reengineer: We review, refresh and update your business requirements against our Communications Transformation Platform [CTP] assets.
  • Migrate and modernize: We develop modern systems and retire legacy applications and interfaces
  • Reduced operating expenses as a result of retired legacy systems
  • Greater return on investment
  • Faster time to market for new services and products
  • Less reliance on IT workers’ outdated knowledge

Discover how legacy modernization can make the most out of your IT investment. Contact us today.

Legacy Systems Limitations

Many telecommunications operators continue to maintain and operate legacy systems, which are often too complex and inefficient for their business needs.
As a result, telecoms are often faced with the following challenges:
  • High maintenance costs
  • Increased risk due to unsupported hardware and software
  • Skills shortage as more vendors adopt new technologies
  • Older systems that are not supported by vendors
  • Lack of compatibility with social, mobile and web platforms
To accelerate time to market, telecoms need IT systems that are agile and able to adapt easily to a constantly changing environment.

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