WARP is a tried-and-tested approach that takes you on a journey towards a rationalized and modernized IT application portfolio in as little as seven weeks. Simply put, WARP enables you to take the first step in regaining control of your application landscape.

WARP supplies concrete facts and insight that serve as the tools for making informed decisions about how to simplify, industrialize, standardize and renew your application landscape and IT processes.


The WARP Framework –
 Four streams underpinned by three engines..

WARP comprises four ‘streams’ supported by three ‘engines’. These streams are PATH (vision, architecture and solution), BIZZ (business analysis), CASE (the business case – from both a financial and value perspective) and PLAN (change planning, change scenarios and the roadmap). Experience shows that the effectiveness of any rationalization program is improved considerably by the presence of these four streams.

The three engines – APPS, INFRA and AMBI – are highly industrialized ‘lenses’ that are employed to analyze the application landscape, the infrastructure components, and also ambient factors. While the APPS engine provides an industrialized analysis of the application portfolio, INFRA identifies rationalization opportunities in the infrastructure landscape. AMBI, on the other hand, goes beyond technology and infrastructure, and analyzes the context in which the application is located, including the relationship between the business, the processes and data harmonization.


What are the outputs?

In as little as seven weeks, we provide you with three simple, yet effective deliverables:

  • Rationalization Design
  • Rock-solid Business Case
  • Pragmatic Transformation Roadmap

These outputs help propel you towards benefiting from an application landscape that is more cost effective, increasingly responsive and better equipped to respond to the needs of the business and add value. Of equal importance, the collaborative nature of WARP empowers you to secure the commitment and mobilization within your organization that makes tangible progress easier to achieve.

And it needn’t end here – WARP provides you with a carefully aligned approach
 to continuously improve your applications landscape and lifecycle.

WARP is part of Capgemini’s Application Lifecycle Services – a family of offerings built on the promotion of value generation and the notion that there are always more opportunities to reduce costs and realize your potential.

Why Capgemini?

Clients that enlist Capgemini to perform a WARP project can count on a partner that:

  • Has 45+ years of experience building, maintaining and retiring enterprise applications
  • Has a proven methodology to modernize complex, large and expensive application landscapes
  • Has 40,000+ Application Services staff spread over 30+ Applications Services locations worldwide
  • Has over 800 highly trained WARP practitioners worldwide. These experts have worked on hundreds 
of successful portfolio rationalization projects for clients from a wide variety of sectors and geographies.

Success Story: Global pharma giant uses WARP it identify savings opportunities worth over $3.5 million

Such savings were rendered as achievable through a strategic mix of consolidation of applications, retiring obsolete applications, streamlining business processes and consolidating the vendor landscape. After successful implementation of the solution in Europe, the company has engaged Capgemini to scale up the solution to Asia Pacific and subsequently for remaining geographies.