Silo Busters

Busting corporate silos by adding flexible process layers on top of them, rather than break solid, established structures

Your aging silo applications support disconnected silo processes. The souls of frustrated business users haunt you day and night in the IT neighborhood. Who you gonna call? The need to maximize value from existing assets has never been greater. Rebuilding core applications containing years of investment is complex, disruptive, risky, and massively expensive. But still, opening up access to applications, departments, and even the outside world is within reach. Business process technologies allow you to bridge the gap between systems without intruding upon them. Create a silo-busting platform for flexible and agile process layers on top of disconnected applications and create early, compelling benefits. Nothing to be scared of after all.


  • Robotic process automation (RPA) platforms enable the automated integration of multiple siloed applications from the perspective of a human worker without changing any of the affected systems.
  • Business process management tools offer the capability to invoke various application services offered by different applications as part of a modeled and managed process flow.
  • APIs and web services can be created on top of disconnected applications to expose crucial application functions to process modeling and system development tools.


  • A large private hire company, transporting more than 10 million passengers each year, needed to be able to improve reaction times to changing customer behavior and preferences. To achieve this, it leveraged MuleSoft to securely redefine their data and application services to support global expansion, enabling partners to embed private hire services into their own processes and services.
  • An insurance company used RPA to quickly and safely integrate the core systems and processes of an acquired company, creating end-to-end processes that connected both companies.


  • Sustaining the lifespan of aging or dysfunctional applications without costly and risky applications management activities
  • Connecting siloed applications inside and outside the organization to create new, outside-in, end-to-end processes to serve customers’ and companies’ digital needs
  • Providing a high level of process flexibility and agility without intruding on the affected application systems