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A collaborative effort by all stakeholders during the six month grace period led to significant increases in migration rates for SCTs and SDDs by June 2014. Because migration has been slow and full harmonization has not occurred, the majority of players are yet to gain the intended benefits of SEPA. Only the front runners among the large corporates with multi-country operations have been able to leverage SEPA to streamline their processes. Banks can enable others to capture benefits of SEPA.

To reap the full benefits of SEPA as a harmonization platform, the industry should work towards participation on a pan-European scale. Four initiatives have the potential to help foster the development of an integrated, innovative, and competitive market for retail payments in Europe: the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB), the extension of SEPA into e- and m-payments, SEPA for Cards, and the provisions within PSD II. In addition to pursuing a pure payments agenda, European regulators could initiate parallel programs that will reinforce an innovation agenda.

Capgemini delivers end-to-end support to help financial institutions realize SEPA through:

  • Program management. Tie together multiple initiatives under your SEPA vision through a program management office (PMO). Our SEPA PMO services can help you manage multiple programs to realize SEPA vision
  • Vision & strategy: Develop and refine your pan-European payments vision in line with emerging compliance needs
  • SWIFT services. Simplify your messaging requirements with our SWIFT service bureau. Where you choose to access the SWIFT network directly, we can help your upgrade efforts with testing accelerators for SEPA messages
  • Test factory. Our industry-leading global testing capability is delivered through our Rightshore® network to support your testing needs
  • SDD mandate management. Comply with the mandate management requirements of SDD by leveraging our experience with Sentenial and other specialized vendors

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