Policy Administration: Build

Often the recommended course of action for policy transformation involves system enhancement, upgrade, replacement or sun-setting. Capgemini can implement and configure your new or enhanced platform and components from start to finish by providing:

  • Project management office (PMO) services including reporting, governance and management with PMI certified specialists using our proven frameworks and tools.
  • Testing services including functional testing, automation or test management performed by test professionals who specialize in insurance systems. Capgemini has over 2,700 testers devoted to financial services.
  • Process improvement services including business process management and assessment from insurance domain specialists.
  • Business analysis services using experienced Capgemini business analysts who have worked on multiple policy administration implementations using our proprietary reference model.

Experience Where it Counts

Capgemini’s policy administration framework was developed using our strong domain expertise and encompasses specific tools and accelerators that reduce risk, provide flexibility and bridge the gap between business requirements and technical implementation. Our tools reduce requirements, design and development time by 25 to 40%. Our integration framework contains templates for capturing interface structure and specifications, enables developers to generate code in multiple languages based on template data and supports robust testing efforts through reusable and auto-generated test cases. Through these integration tools Capgemini is able to automate and expedite the analysis and integration of system interfaces by at least 60% while supporting batch and real-time interfaces.