New Ways to Accelerate Innovation

Innovation Centers — In vogue but are they delivering the expected goals?

Ever wondered whether innovation centers are really facilitating innovation in organizations?

While businesses and countries are investing and growing innovation centers, that does not necessarily mean companies are becoming more innovative. 51% of the organizations, interviewed as part of our recent Digital Innovation survey, believe that their organizations are unable to keep pace with market changes. This prompts the question – Are organizations becoming more innovative as a result of their investments in innovation centers?

Our report – The discipline of innovation: Making sure your innovation center actually makes your organization more innovative – undertaken by the Digital Transformation Institute, is an attempt to understand the gap between the creation of innovation centers and the real innovation that results, and explore ways to bridge it.

Read our report to find out how innovative organizations get ahead of the curve.

Be a part of emerging Innovations at What’s Now: San Francisco

What’s Now: San Francisco is more than just a monthly meet-up with experts. It’s a conversation you don’t want to miss! Once a month, Capgemini along with the event partner, Reinvent, gather a diverse group of innovators for an evening of discussion and networking at our San Francisco AIE. Online or in person, it’s your chance to interact with thought leaders about the emerging business landscape and innovative trends in the San Francisco Bay area. Each month we will explore a range of topics including AI, Biotech, Clean Energy, and Food.

Here are a few recent conversations at What’s Now: San Francisco

Applied Neuroscience and Ramping Up Human Potential

When Vivienne Ming, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Socos LLC, began her neuroscience PhD program in the early 2000s, she wanted to learn how to build cyborgs. Her classmates thought the idea was crazy. Fast forward fifteen years, and the idea doesn’t sound so crazy anymore. Neuroscience research is rapidly becoming applied neuroscience, and the Bay Area is leading the way, both in terms of conducting innovative research and translating this research into exciting new startups. At the September What’s Now: San Francisco, Ming discussed the cutting edge innovation currently underway at UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford, as well as other institutions.

Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin with Brian Behlendorf

Many people have heard of bitcoin and might know something about blockchain, the technology system underlying the crypto currency. Yet few people understand how important blockchain technology could be not just for financial tech, but also for almost every other field. No one understands the vast potential of blockchain better than Brian Behlendorf. Brian is the newly appointed executive director of Hyperledger, an open source blockchain platform started by The Linux Foundation last year.

Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Transportation

Sunil Paul took his first ride in an autonomous vehicle (AV) in 2009—at least a decade before most of will have the opportunity. That ride inspired to think about the future of transportation. Just two years later, in 2011, Sunil co-founded Sidecar, where he also served as CEO. Sidecar invented the modern ride-sharing model, operated in Ten U.S. Cities and gave millions of rides before selling the company assets to GM in 2016. Now a thought leader in the transportation space, Sunil has devoted his time to thinking about the future of AVs and transportation in general.