Episode 1: Is Automation the “Silver Bullet” for Transformation?

Historically, Bluestock would have been operating in a very manual way. Business processes would have run in isolation, slowly, with little integration across the business. They would have been prone to error, and subject to the variables of a human workforce. This would have limited its profit per customer, and allowed more agile competitors to steal market share.

For Bluestock, and companies like it, there is undoubtedly the will to change. But the path to automation can be obstructed by a lot of expensive and disparate technology. Not to mention the warning Bill Gates once issued: “automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”. So how to proceed?

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Capgemini’s Automation Drive offering helped Bluestock to combine Intelligent Automation technologies with their vision for a new way of working to drive innovation and increase business value.

Bluestock’s first job was to critically examine all of their existing processes. They set up a cross-departmental working group to look at the purpose of every process and eliminate any unnecessary activities. Then, using Capgemini’s ‘Five Senses’ methodology, they assessed which combination of tools and services would provide the right level of Intelligent Automation to improve their processes and customer interactions.

To harness the full value of infrastructure automation, Bluestock also tapped in to Capgemini’s Infrastructure Services offerings — which helped them increase efficiency, cut costs, improve quality, explore new opportunities and accelerate their digital transformation in a controlled way.

Is automation the silver bullet for Bluestock’s transformation? While it has a significant role to play, there are many other challenges and solutions to explore, such as how to achieve broader business outcomes, not just siloed process perfection. Tune into our next episode to learn more.

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