IPTV: Meeting the New Challenges of the Multi-screen World

Video represents one of the biggest opportunities amongst all the value added services offered by Communication Service Providers (CSPs), with content driving customer engagement and also the need for broadband connections. Innovations in technology have not only changed how we live, but also how we watch TV

Create a personalized experience for every user

Simply put, IPTV delivers television services via operator networks instead of through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats. For end users it means that content is accessible through multiple devices, and for CSPs it means the ability to deliver premium live and on-demand content to a multi-screen environment, consequently maintaining, and extending their customer base by keeping users engaged with their services. This is ever more important for CSPs as end user demands evolve and new competitors emerge:
  • All-channel experience: more and more end-users have multiple devices, and CSPs are under pressure to provide a personalized and highly engaging experience which supports this multi-device lifestyle
  • New revenue opportunities: monetizing multi-screen experiences is part of most operators  long-term strategy
  • Over-the-top (OTT) competition: protecting premium content and managing digital rights is increasingly difficult in the wake in increased OTT players and services, and the proliferation of retail CE devices

Deliver the ultimate content experience and monetize it

Through our partnership with Viaccess-Orca, Capgemini is best positioned to help CSPs deploy an end-to-end, next-generation IPTV solution that delivers an ultimate content experience to end-users and new revenue streams for service and content providers.
Voyage – TV Everywhere offers an enhanced user experience and a personalized experience. The end-to-end solution enables CSPs to introduce a variety of advanced business models, complying with content owners’ requirements and allows effective monetization for a multi-screen service.
Together, Capgemini and Viaccess-Orca offer a global approach to next-generation IPTV:
  • Innovation: utilizing high-tech technology to deliver content through any network to any screen, and engages end-users through a personalized experience
  • Secure integration: benefitting from Capgemini’s proven business process redesign, legacy IS ecosystem diagnostics and IT project shaping, to ensure proper implementation and migration for large service platforms in complex IT environment.
  • Proven system: supported by two market leaders, Voyage – TV Everywhere is used by major broadcasters, cable and telecom operators in Europe.
  • Cost Efficiency: being based on Open Standard, it benefits from our global approach to optimize and secure costs on complex and long term projects.

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