People Analytics

People Analytics combines HR and people data with business and other data in order to make better strategic (management) decisions on the workforce and the organization.

People Analytics as the key to success for today’s HR challenges

Data are the new oil – those who have data can act powerful. The promising potential of HR-related data in a business context has just started to reveal. Thereby current developments like an ongoing war for (digital) talents, a digital employee journey or a data-based workplace make the use of data as a key to success. And the required resource for People Analytics is already available: Every digital tool or solution used in an organization creates a massive amount of data, but the data is seldomly used as a guideline for strategic decisions.

Being data-rich and not information-poor creates strategic advantages for driving results. In terms of its content, the usage of People Analytics enables organizations to survey key figures relevant for management and to identify critical developments within the internal workforce or the external talent market. In terms of its diagnostical possibilities, People Analytics describes the as-is situation, detects possible causes and forecast future developments.

What are the core questions of people analytics?

  • Find – How can we identify, find and convince the best talents to work with us?
  • Grow – How can we support the development of our employees so that they show an outstanding performance?
  • Keep – How can we retain especially our talents in the long run?

Your People Analytics journey starts now

No matter where you find yourself regarding your data maturity and data analytics, we support you with the implementation of an individual people analytics solution from the beginning. In close cooperation with our partner function(HR), we navigate you through your data and identify its potential. In the context of Discovery Days, Workshops and People Analytics Crash Courses, we show you how to use your data specifically to make better strategic decisions to find, grow and keep your talents.

Start your data journey today and test your own readiness for People Analytics with our People Analytics Readiness Check (PARC).

function(HR) as our strong cooperation partner

Function(HR) offers People Analytics Software and consulting for data-based HR Management. The central product is the HR Keyboard, a People Analytics software solution with powerful analytics solutions for various HR areas offered in a modular form and with a cloud-based access onto an intuitive and interactive interface. We established this partnership to complement our strengths, competencies and offers so that we can maximize the client’s benefit in our collaboration.

People Analytics Readiness check survey toolTest your own readiness for People Analytics with our People Analytics Readiness Check and find out where to start the data journey here



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