Organisational Transformation

Rapid and accelerating developments in technology, consumer centricity and employee expectations are transforming all aspects of business. To survive and thrive, companies must transform how they operate. We help companies to design and adopt new organisational models in order to lead and shape the markets in which they operate.


The speed of change is forcing businesses to re-think how they structure and reinvent the way they work. In terms of client feed-back, we see companies seeking clarity on the same set of questions:

  • How can my organisation become more responsive, flexible and agile to fast-moving trends, consumer preferences and competition?
  • How do we embed a culture of ‘pace’ to keep up with the dynamics of innovation in the market?
  • How do we put consumers at the heart of every activity and outcome?
  • How do we ensure data-driven insight is at the heart of decision making and planning?
  • How do we re-frame relationships with our partners and agencies to transform ways of working?
  • How will Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and machine learning redefine jobs in our organisation?

The old hierarchical organisational model now needs to shift towards models where work is accomplished as a collaborative team and cross-functionally. Our research has found that organizations that are high on organisational dexterity are more responsive, better at finding talent, and able to self-organize at speed. They also enjoy significant advantages in identifying and re-deploying expertise when it is needed and are better at establishing partnerships. Employees want flat and agile structures, and ways of working that enable unique and differentiating career paths to set them up as tomorrow’s leaders. Transforming means reshaping long-lived patterns and behaviours to embrace a holistic new way of working.

What we offer

Leveraging engagement and insights from our global client base and our experience in transforming the world’s largest organisations, we have developed an organisational dexterity model to help structure your transformation and:

  • Create new organisational models based on your vision and strategy
  • Reinvent structures, roles and responsibilities and new career paths
  • Transform mindsets and ways working to ensure teams are set up to win in the fight to inspire
  • Develop new capabilities and the governance required to support both local and global organisational transformation
  • Understand how to change the workplace to foster collaboration.



We enable organisations to see rapid results, optimizing through a ‘test and learn’ approach that ensures readiness to scale

  • Start Small. Test and Learn. Scale up: Using our tried and tested approach and assets, we’ll work with you to rapidly get the new model in place, prove how it will deliver excellence and validate its scalability
  • Prove the value. Measure the success: Keeping the end-vision in mind by identifying clear success measures, focusing on tracking progress and optimising as we go will ensure we can maximise the value of the new model
  • Win employees’ hearts and minds: By empowering the team and involving them in the design and evaluation of the model, we can ensure results that drive collaboration, entrepreneurship, agility and creativity

Join us on this innovative, market-leading journey and take advantage of our learning’s from the clients who have already taken the leap.

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