Navigating organizations through digital transformation

Technologies are the drivers for disruption, but Digital Transformation needs people leading it. How can companies exploit the benefits of digitalization to develop innovative products, attract new clients and enter new markets? We believe in the following success factors of every digital transformation: An ambitious digital vision with focus on digital investments, a clear governance, strong leadership skills and the ability to continuously engage employees.

According to our Digital Mastery Survey from our Capgemini’s Research Institute, only 35% of organizations say they have the leadership capabilities required – despite leadership being a key success factor for digital transformations. It is our strong ambition to change this.

Listen to our Podcast on ‘Empowering Leadership‘ with Harvard Business Professor Frances Frei.

Our approach

To us, leadership is about creating the right setting for people and organizations for further development. We offer leaders a systematic approach to successfully navigate their organization through the digital transformation and to inspire and motivate their employees to participate on this exciting journey.

Leadership Savvy is an everlasting stable and important foundation of leadership. Trust and respect are essential to initiate change.

Building Digital Literacy is key to create the digital DNA of an organization. In order to shape the digital vision of a company and derive pioneering digital business strategies, leaders need to know their options and tools.

Digital transformation leaders spotlight the right leadership style to guide through an instable environment. Digital Leadership Proficiency means creating the right leadership style to lead the journey. For this, we have created 4 leadership roles which a modern leader should adopt depending on situation and context.

Each of these roles combines various skills – HEAD, attitudes – HEART and behaviours – HABIT to answer flexibly to VUCA challenges.

 Our offer

We believe that digital transformations must be defined and driven top-down, but implemented and scaled bottom-up. With our target-group oriented Learning Journeys we support leaders to shape the digital future of their organizations.

  • Shape the Future supports executives to shape and promote a Digital Vision across their company. In a Digital Vision Workshop, executives work on the creation of a Digital Ambition and a specific Transformation Roadmap.
  • Set the Direction supports division heads to coordinate and focus their investments. During Digital Focus Days division heads create implementation strategies and build the governance of digital transformation. Furthermore, digital skills and leadership competencies are built in these sessions.
  • Deliver Results supports team leads to set up a digital ecosystem. In a Digital Leadership Academy they receive the relevant leadership and digital skills to implement transformation projects and establish a connected organization including all employees in the transformation.

Client Stories


Together with Siemens Supply Chain Management, we successfully implemented a tailor-made Digital Learning Journey for leaders.


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