Innovation and Strategy

Making innovation a discipline, not an art form.

Digital has removed boundaries between industries, and reduced barriers to entry. To drive sustainable growth, businesses need an iterative building and learning process for new ideas that cuts across disciplines.

This is a new, dynamic way of working: test, pivot, launch, invent and reinvent. To achieve this, deep understanding of customers, cross-category insights and integration of capabilities are essential. Big thinking and execution must sit at the same table, integrated within the same strategic process.

Winning ideas and strategies deliver the products, services and business models that come next.

With our specialized brand dedicated to innovation and strategy, we help define and build change across organizations, moving from imagining to implementing the products, services, and business models of the future.


Thought leadership

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Clean Growth

Inventing the Sustainable Business Models, Products and Services of the Future

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  • Only a minority of organizations have the digital (39% of orgs.) and leadership capabilities (35% of orgs.) required


  • Two in three ‘digital masters’ claim they are looking for innovations in their value chains and 66% work with a wide ecosystem of partners to co-develop solutions

Digital Masters

  • 73% of digital masters have a vision that incorporates both customer experience and operations, and 71% are using digital technology to link customer-facing and operational processes in new ways

Inspiring new strategic directions

Growth Strategies

Growth Strategies

Inspiring new strategic directions

Our Experts

Todd Rovak

Expert in Business Leadership, Digital Economy, Innovation

Pete Maulik

Expert in Business Development, Customer Insights, Innovation Management, Strategic Consulting, Thought Leadership

Alexander Stock

Expert in Business Development, Financial Services, Innovation Consulting, Startup

Mark Payne

Expert in Brand Management, Customer Insights, Design Thinking, Digital Strategy, Innovation Management, Product Development

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