Digital Trust and Security

Inventing tomorrow’s digital security playing field

As organizations across the world reinvent the way they do business, they must demonstrate a mature digital security posture and forward-looking approach to become ambassadors for global trust.

New digital businesses and technology platforms are emerging every day. Ensuring your employees, partners and customers truly benefit from the opportunities they create demands digital trust and security. At Capgemini Invent, we believe that the confidence to use these new digital capabilities rests on four critical pillars.

  • Digital security culture
  • Digital security posture and new age strategy
  • Cybersecurity services platform
  • Smart resilience

We have built our Inventive IT Digital Trust and Security offering on these pillars to help our clients successfully transform with trust.

At Capgemini Invent, we bring together expertise in security strategy, cyber defense, change management and smart resilience to ensure our clients’ employees, customers and other stakeholders have complete trust in the digital tools and channels that are transforming business today.

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Shielding your employees

  • 58% of worldwide email traffic is made of phishing campaigns: employees constitute the first line of defense.

Defining a vision

  • With the average cost of a cyberattack exceeding $1 million, digital security strategies must empower organizations to manage business risks efficiently, while enabling transformation.

New age cybersecurity

  • Constantly evolving threats demand a holistic response, with security services packaged into platforms that transform the delivery model.