Digital Security Culture

Security begins with your people. That’s why it is vital to enable them to protect themselves and your organization by creating an impactful employee journey with a digital security culture at its core.

In today’s disruptive digital landscape, where the pace of change is accelerating, it is important for your people to embrace and adopt new technology, while being aware of the cyber threat it brings. Failure to understand the threat can have a significant impact on business.

The statistics paint a stark picture:

  • 58 percent of worldwide email traffic is comprised of phishing campaigns (Panocrim’ Conference, Clusif, 2020)
  • 81 percent of worldwide organizations faced USB-based attacks in 2019 (Prooftpoint’s State of the Phish report, 2020)
  • 52 percent of all successful phishing emails are clicked on within one hour of being sent (Proofpoint’s Human Factor report, 2018)
  • Almost a quarter of clicks occur within five minutes, and 11 percent within one minute (Proofpoint’s Human Factor report, 2018).
  • Once infected by ransomware, 15 percent of victims pay to retrieve their data (The Edge, 2019) and most others have no clue how to react.

What is your first line of defense in the face of the cyber threat? Shaping an appropriate digital security culture is a good place to start, along with ensuring your organization’s investment in measures and solutions really does reap dividends.

But how do you create a personalized digital security journey adapted to the individual needs of your organization’s workforce?

Globalizing cultural cyber awareness

Building a global cultural awareness strategy that prioritizes cyber risks and addresses the specific needs and activities of diverse teams is vital.

A combination of communication campaigns, awareness raising, and training should provide the foundation on which your transformation is built. The cultural awareness strategy will:

  • Define the trajectory of your digital security journey
  • Include KPIs, such as number of clicks during phishing campaigns, number of alerts sent to Security Operation Centers, score results from games and training, and rate of attendance at external speakers’ conferences
  • Establish the employee adoption level of change.

How does Capgemini Invent help?

We enable you to bring about successful cultural change with a balance of quality-focused strategy design, strong implementation approaches, and the use of market-leading tools (gaming partners, visual ID makers, phishing platforms, etc.). The full cooperation of every business unit, along with HR, Communications and Risk Management teams, and the engagement of senior-level role-models, are also vital requirements for successful cultural change.

At Capgemini Invent, we have bought together a catalog of services and partners designed to mobilize your digital security. We further support your transformation with our proven knowledge and methodologies for making cultural change happen.

At all times, we help you to focus on four key aspects of your digital security culture:

  • Your employees – communicating key messages and good practices
  • Critical roles – identifying and prioritizing roles that need targeted communications to manage risks
  • Use cases – defining and anticipating new uses cases to get the most out of digital opportunities
  • Executive engagement – accompanying cultural change by role models and vision.

Success stories

Top 10 global insurer Large pharmaceutical company Mobility company
We launched a cybersecurity program to improve this global insurer’s own security as well as that of its clients through a jointly constructed change plan. This supported all pillars of the project and gave visibility to the cyber-transformation. We helped define and implement a Corporate Open Online Course (COOC) platform covering all aspects of the company’s cybersecurity. This has enabled its IT teams (and more) to: spread cybersecurity behaviors and skills; break down silos between IT and security; take a step back and understand the ‘why’ behind each cybersecurity rule. We organized, prepared and animated a cybersecurity awareness campaign with recognized success across 1,000+ participants, incorporating the onboarding of senior executives, high internal mobilization, and cybersecurity training delivery.


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