Agile at Scale

Responding business demand faster with more flexibility

The velocity of change and the diversity of digital business opportunities lead to a business environment of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. While pioneers have already executed Agile transformations, many players have not yet understood the full potential of scaled agile.  To unleash the potential, companies must fundamentally rethink their organizational approach to leverage business value from greater agility.

At the core of all efforts, we believe, that Agile needs to be setup as a true end-to-end capability. Going beyond development and operation will boost IT delivery and close the gap between business and IT. However, the full potential can only be achieved if scaling starts at team level and reaches up to portfolio level.

The following main business challenges need to be addressed:

  • Increasing rate of business change: Shortened product cycles and time-to-market become a necessity to survive
  • Diversity of digital business opportunities: Companies need to analyse emerging businesses and be able to adapt quickly
  • Personalization of products and services: Flexibility of processes required to meet fast changing cus-tomer needs
  • Inevitable technology penetration: Regular examination of technologies and trends to keep up with the market

So far, companies that have initiated their Agile transformation reported 5 major benefits:

  • Rapid time-to-value: Shorter cycles deliver earlier minimum viable products
  • Fast innovation adoption: IT proactively investigates new trends and adopts new technologies swiftly
  • Value-driven and business-aligned: Co-creation of products and services with the business
  • Value visibility and transparency: IT deliverables and business value-add are fully transparent
  • High IT productivity: Higher frequency of tests increase overall output and quality

In which areas can we support?

At Capgemini Invent, we combine profound knowledge and expertise to serve our clients in the following fields:

  • Agile Maturity Assessment:Assess your organization’s level of agility (holistic view on business and IT) to identify strengths and poten-tials
  • Agile IT Design:Design an agile target vision for your IT organization and define a backlog of agile transformation measures
  • Agile IT Coaching:Iteratively and sustainably implement Agile IT in your organization, using a coaching approach

In the rapidly changing market environments of the digital age, IT delivery needs to be drastically accelerated and be able to swiftly react to changing business demands. Our services assess your agile maturity and guide you from design to implementation with a proven transformation concept and experienced coaches. Let us accompany you on your agile journey.


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